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4 Tips for Better Forklift Battery Maintenance


Electric forklifts are the heart of many warehouses and manufacturing companies in Minnesota and Wisoconsin. They offer a safe and quiet alternative to gasoline or propane powered lift trucks, but because they need DC power, you will have industrial batteries to maintain. Here are four helpful forklift battery maintenance tips from your DC power professionals at Courtney Industrial Battery, Inc... More

4 Reasons to Choose Automatic Battery Watering Systems

If your company uses DC power equipment like forklifts and electric power jacks, you probably have to deal with battery maintenance and need to change out batteries from time to time. Most batteries need occasional watering, and it can be dangerous to manually water batteries, because of the caustic properties of the acid. However, Courtney Industrial Battery service offers automatic watering solutions to businesses in Minnesota and many parts of the upper Midwest. Here are four good reasons to consider these systems for your business... More