Courtney Industrial Battery

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Battery Service/Repair

Dependable Forklift Battery Repair for Wisconsin, Iowa and Minnesota Businesses

Have you got a forklift that's sitting idle because its battery has died? Perhaps you have a number of malfunctioning batteries stuck in storage until you work out what to do with them. In these types of situations, a timely repair can make all the difference. In addition to renting and selling batteries for industrial use, we are also a battery specialist with a skilled team that is devoted to forklift and UPS battery repair.

UPS Battery Service for Many Different Brands

At Courtney Industrial Battery, we are a leading provider of batteries, chargers, UPS systems, and similar products in this part of the country. We have the capability to repair batteries from a range of manufacturers—even if you have a battery that's slightly out-of-the-ordinary, we can usually get it working again. A cost-effective alternative to replacement, we can usually get your battery repaired and working again within a relatively short period of time.

We Also Offer Forklift Battery Maintenance

Periodic forklift and UPS battery maintenance can help to improve the performance of your batteries, as well as minimizing the risk of an unexpected breakdown. Our UPS battery service is available across Wisconsin, Iowa, and Minnesota, helping our customers to save money and reduce the likelihood of equipment failure due to battery problems. Many customers are surprised by how much additional life they can wring from their battery simply by having it serviced on a regular basis. To find out more about our repair and maintenance options, call us at (920) 731-7651.