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Wisconsin Forklift Battery Suppliers

Does your organization use one or more industrial forklifts? If so, you'll appreciate how important it is that the batteries in them are kept in top condition. At Courtney Industrial Battery, we can help. We provide a wide selection of services that can keep your battery operational for longer as well as offering an excellent range of cost-effective batteries from some of the top names in the marketplace. Whether you need to re-equip your entire fleet with fresh batteries, or simply need a single replacement battery for your faithful forklift, we've got the right product available.

Maintenance for Your Forklift Batteries

Not only do we sell a wide range of batteries (including less common makes and models), we also offer significant after-sales support in the form of on-going maintenance and battery repair services. If your battery malfunctions in some way, our expert team can usually repair it for you. In addition, scheduled maintenance can improve performance and may even help your battery last longer.

Why Not Rent Industrial Forklift Batteries?

Not only do we offer a variety of batteries for purchase, but we also have a number of different forklift batteries for rent. Particularly if you only need additional power on a temporary basis, renting can be a cheaper option than buying a new battery. Our rental batteries come fully charged and ready to install, offering a rapid, convenient solution when you need quality batteries in a hurry.

Forklift Batteries for Wisconsin Businesses

We are a family-owned business that offers a comprehensive battery solution for a range of different industries. Our aim is to offer a single point of contact for everything from sales to maintenance and repairs. Our customers to depend on us to meet their power requirements, no matter what they might be. To find out more, call us at (920) 731-7651.