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4 Reasons to Choose Automatic Battery Watering Systems

If your company uses DC power equipment like forklifts and electric power jacks, you probably have to deal with battery maintenance and need to change out batteries from time to time. Most batteries need occasional watering, and it can be dangerous to manually water batteries, because of the caustic properties of the acid. However, Courtney Industrial Battery service offers automatic watering solutions to businesses in Minnesota and many parts of the upper Midwest. Here are four good reasons to consider these systems for your business.

How Do Automatic Watering Systems Work?

Many systems work by removing the stock fill caps and replacing them with caps that have sensors and hose attachments. Install the new caps and connect the plastic tubing to each cap and you have one fill area to work from. When the battery is properly filled, you'll see an indicator light.

1. Time Saving

When it's time to manually water your batteries, you may need to remove them from the equipment first. These things are heavy, but you won't have to use special equipment and lift them out with an automated system.

2. Safety

Once you install your watering system from Courtney Industrial Battery service, there is no need to come into contact with acid or water. This makes your Minnesota business, a little safer.

3. Easy Water Monitoring

Your new watering system lets you know when the battery is full. You don't have to remove the caps from each cell and look inside with a flashlight.

4. No Accidental Overfill

If you have ever overfilled a battery, you know what kind of mess it can create. It's also possible to damage equipment and ruin paint.

Courtney Industrial Battery service provides some of the most cost-effective and trusted systems on the market for Minnesota businesses. Call us today at (920) 731-7651 to see what we can do for you.