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4 Tips for Better Forklift Battery Maintenance

Electric forklifts are the heart of many warehouses and manufacturing companies in Minnesota and Wisoconsin. They offer a safe and quiet alternative to gasoline or propane powered lift trucks, but because they need DC power, you will have industrial batteries to maintain. Here are four helpful forklift battery maintenance tips from your DC power professionals at Courtney Industrial Battery, Inc.

1. Check Water Levels Regularly

You are probably aware that many industrial batteries make use of strong acid, but they also need water. Most companies check their batteries about once a week or after 5 charging cycles. If you do not have an automatic watering system, you will need to remove several fluid caps and look inside the battery.

2. Keep Safety Equipment Nearby

Your business should have hand and eye washing stations close to the forklift battery maintenance area. This allows workers to quickly flush corrosive fluids from the hands and eyes in the event an accident occurs.

3. Beware of Extreme Temperatures

When possible, keep your batteries from experiencing extreme temperatures. If the lift truck has to work in very warm environments, consider limiting operation time. It is also important to avoid the extreme cold in order to experience maximum battery life. In unheated warehouses during winter, place the battery storage area in the warmest place possible.

4. Buy Chargers with Equalizing Functions

It is important to perform an equalizing charge on industrial batteries regularly. This is sometimes done monthly or every few months, depending on usage. An equalizing charge overcharges a battery by about ten percent. This helps to bring all the cells to the same charge.

Equalizing prevents sulfation (lead sulfate can build up on the plates). This reduces the batteries ability to function at optimum levels and shortens its life. Equalizing also keeps the acid from separating from the water.

When your Minnesota or Wisconsin business needs help with forklift battery maintenance, contact your DC power professionals at Courtney Industrial Battery, today: (920) 731-7651.