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Courtney Industrial Battery Is Your Wisconsin Forklift Battery Repair Service

At Courtney Industrial Battery, we have been providing our customers with quality batteries for industrial equipment and for general use in Wisconsin since 1958. In that time our company has grown, but we still provide the high level of customer service and support that has always been at the center of our business.

In addition to selling a full line of batteries and charging systems for forklifts, we also offer our battery repair service. This is often an ideal option to help reduce the cost of full battery replacement when the issue that is causing the battery problem can be repaired.


One of the issues that many business owners struggle with is the cost-effectiveness of a forklift battery repair over a replacement. This is where our experts can be of assistance; they can provide information on the typical life cycle of a given battery considering the daily use and the demand on the battery.

For example, most typical forklift batteries will be rated to last for 1500 charge cycles. That will equate to approximately 5 years of heavy use, with the battery charging on an almost daily basis for 365 days.

On the other hand, if the forklift is only used a few days a week, it should last significantly longer, assuming both batteries receive the equal amount of maintenance. At the end of the fourth year it would most likely be more cost-effective to complete forklift battery repair on the lightly used battery, but less cost-effective on the heavily used battery.

Our experts in forklift battery repair at our Wisconsin locations can provide you with information and advice as you need. To give us a call and discuss your options over the phone, get in touch with us at 920-731-7651.