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Is Your Wisconsin Equipment Working On The Best Forklift Batteries?

In most Wisconsin businesses from warehouses to transportation hubs or manufacturing and processing plants, you will find electronic forklifts hard at work. The use of battery power over gas or diesel engines makes these safe, quiet and efficient to operate both indoors and out.

At Courtney Industrial Battery, Inc, we understand how important forklifts are to any operation. We also know that poor battery life, performance issues and problems with charging can create a real financial and logistical problem for small to large companies. To help address these issues, we work with each of our customers to ensure they are getting the best forklift batteries for their specific needs.

Basic Considerations

It isn't uncommon for the incorrect forklift batteries to be used in a specific forklift. Often the originals were replaced with a battery that was cheap at the time or perhaps a spare sitting in your equipment room that was used on another forklift.

Then, over time, the same batteries were used as replacements, leading to the continued use of the wrong batteries. To help correct this, we can assist in ensuring that the:

  • Voltage is correct – different forklifts will require different voltages in batteries. Most will be 36 or 48 volts, which translates into the number of cells in the battery.
  • Battery weight – each forklift manufacturer will have a stipulated minimum battery weight. This acts as a counterweight for the system. Installing a lighter battery than required poses a safety risk when lifting loads.
  • Dimensions – avoid using the measurements of the old battery to choose the new forklift batteries. Instead, measure the compartment dimensions and provide that information to our team.

We will also look carefully at the charger specifications as well as the battery cable connectors, length of the cable and the position of the cable. With our expertise, we will ensure your next battery is the ideal match for your equipment.

If your business is in Wisconsin, give the team at Courtney Industrial Battery, Inc a call today at 920-731-7651 to find the ideal batteries for your forklift.