Courtney Industrial Battery

The largest supplier of motive power in the Midwest & stationary power in the US.

Preventative Maintenance

Preventive maintenance is very important in reducing the risk of any downtime. It is a proven fact that preventive maintenance is crucial to ensure that your system will function when it is most needed. Systems not receiving the proper preventive maintenance inspections are more likely to experience failure than those receiving the proper preventive care

There is no such thing as a standard program that is right for every single company and every single site. CIB welcomes the opportunity to participate in that decision process based on our expertise and to assist in designing a program providing the most value for your specific application.

CIB has the capability of performing preventative maintenance on all aspects of a power system. These solutions include diagnostic testing of all battery chemistries and technology, Charger/Rectifier testing and calibration, inverter testing and calibration, load/breaker verification and testing, UPS system and battery testing and calibration & AC/DC load testing of any system.