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UPS Systems

Wisconsin Provider of UPS Battery Back-Up System Options

What do you do when your power supply fails? Whether you've had a mechanical malfunction or a problem elsewhere in the circuit that's led to a power cut, without appropriately powered machinery, companies can run into all sorts of problems. In many circumstances, UPS power systems are the perfect solution. These systems are designed to provide rapid back-up when one system fails, kicking in far more quickly than a generator in order to provide the essential power needed to keep things running smoothly.

Small UPS Battery Back-Up

At Courtney Industrial Battery, we are a family-owned business that stocks and supplies a wide range of high-caliber UPS systems that have been specifically designed to provide a highly dependable power source. If you need reliable, durable UPS power systems that are built to last and will stand up to the challenges which heavy industrial use can present, we've got something suitable available, no matter what type of industry you're involved in.

We Stock UPS Systems from High-Grade Manufacturers

Our range includes some of the top names in the business, who we've selected due to their formidable reputation for exceptional performance, economy, and superior build construction. In addition to our extensive inventory of products for sale, we also have a few different rental choices—a great option for occasions when additional power is required on a temporary basis, or to cope with an unexpected failure within your existing system.

UPS Batter Back-Up System for Wisconsin Customers

Our company offers a large selection of products, and with more than fifty years of experience behind us, we also have a wealth of knowledge and expertise when it comes to product recommendations or other assistance. If you want to enjoy excellent UPS systems from a well-established, honest, and competitively priced company, we're here for you. To find out more, call us at (920) 731-7651.